Creating a Basic Webpage.... Sorta

This tutorial will go over creating a very basic webpage. It wont look very pretty but it will be your very own webpage. Now as for the sorta part of the title. Well here is the downside: This tutorial does not detail how to let users other than yourself use it. It will just run off of your computer for you to see. However, I will be posting a tutorial soon on how to do just that. It will be two seperate tutorials. The first will allow other people connected to your Local Network(Wi-Fi network) to see the page. The second will be how to put it on the internet so that anybody in the world with an internet connection can access it! If you want to get notified about those when they come out sign up bellow.

Just some basic backround info

There are three core languages of the web:
JavaScript or JS
CSS or Cascadicng Style Sheets
HTML, which is what we will be using for this tutorial If you are new to proggraming and don't know much about these three languages that is understandable. You might also want to know why we will be using HTML. Why not use CSS what about JavaScript. The reason is that you can't create a webpage with just CSS or JS. You can use CSS to make your webpage look nicer, or JavaScript to add some proggraming functionality to your website. You can't use either of these without HTML as a base. (I am oversimplifying massivly.) So in a nutshelll that is why we are using HTML. What is HTML you may be asking. HTML stands for:
In a nutshel this means that it takes text and tells the webrowser what to do with it.(Once again I am oversimplifying massivly.)
It does this threw what it calls tags for example to make text bold you use the b tag //insert text here If you look closely you will see that the second be tag has a before it. This is saying that it is the end of the area I want to bold. Now that you understand all of that lets get to the tutorial.

Step 1 open a text file.

Open a new file perferably in NotePad don't use Word it may try some fancy stuff and just makes it easier to create errors.

Step 2 Add the Code to the File

Now to acutually add the HTML code to the file. My example will make the website say Hello World. If you are wondering why Hello World well it a proggraming tradition to make your first proggram in any langauge output Hello World?(often with a little bit of vartiation.) We will be making the text bold because why not.

You can change the text from Hello World to whatever you want. If you learn more tags change the tags to make it italics. See what happens if you try to combine two tags. Look at code on other peoples websites(although usually very complicated and hard to decifer) using inspect element(f12.)

Step 3 Save Your Code As a .html file

The browser needs to know that this is supposed to be a website. You do this through making it a .html file you do this by clicking File> Save As> Then at the bottom it will say "Save as type:" then there will be a dropdown menu. Click on the menu and click on the option that says "All Files (*.*)"Then for the file name erase whatever is already there. Then write MyWebpage.html Make sure that it ends in .html you can change what is in front but make sure that it ends in .html or this won't work. Then save it wherever you would like perfably your desktop ♥