Many people's reaction that I cycle for sport is "*scoff* Cycling isn't a real sport. Sure it doesn't have a ball but that doesn't mean that cycling isn't a sport." Racing bikes is ultra competitive and takes a lot of training. I spend 10+ hours a week training either outside or inside. I race both road and cyclocross. Road racing requires endurance, times of high intesnsity, and cool under presure. The average road race is usually about 2-2.5 hours long and 40-50 miles. Most of the time you will be doing a pretty constant(but still hard pace) HOWEVER there are also many times where you have to sprint or chase down riders who have broken away from the pelaton(main group) or be in the break from the pelaton. In addition you have to be cool under presure. In the pelaton you are often mere inches from the people in front, behind, and beside you. You do ths while going down hills at 35-45 miles an hour and or going around sharp corners.


cool code bro

Another passion of mine is technology. I have always been facinated by how what is essentially a series of 1s and 0s ons and offs is able to create the modern marvel you are veiwing this site on. I also love using technology to build things like software. I built this website from the ground up. This is completely hardcoded no WIX here. I also have built android apps, python scripts, php with MySQL (pronounced sequal). I will always push the boundries of what I can do with technology. I also have built many systems. I built my brother's PC as well as the server that is serving this webpage.