All about me

If you just stumbled amoung this site you may be wondering who created this weird site. Well, it was created by me, Chris. I am a nerd, a huge nerd. Maybe I am just a geek. I never really got into the whole nerds vs. geeks debate. I digress, anyways I am a 14 year old nerd living in Ohio. I have created this website mostly just as a place to mess around with code. I have more personal other intrest beside programing. As you can see from some of the pictures in the slideshow, I am a cyclist. What you see there is cyclocross. Cyclocross, for those who don't know, is kind of a mix of road racing and mountian biking. It is really fun and I have a lot of great friends there. I really like proggraming, and it is fun to just mess around with computers.


This is the page where I am going to be posting tutorials and other random things. I will be putting up a new tutorial at least every two weeks, but I will try to put some up once a week. Below you can find some tutorials I have made so far.

Stream It

The other thing I am currently working on is a project called StreamIt. This project will put all of your streaming services in one place. It will allow you to search for a program across all streaming services. eventually I would like to add ratings, suggestions, and a kind of social media network. It is currectly in alpha so there is no link to it.